Jacob is currently a postgraduate who studies Master of Animation and Visualisation in UTS Animal Logic Academy. Worked mainly in the animation department throughout the year.

What I do

Character Animation


Creature Animation



Autodesk Maya

TV Paint

Unreal Engine 4

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Toon Boom Harmony

Past experience

Marketing Intern
(2016 – 2017)
Had an Internship as a marketing assistant at EIC Education Agency. Focused on advertising and helping Chinese international students with learning difficulties. Designed the promotion poster for the EIC Education Exhibition in 2017.

Character Animator Intern at YunZheYue Internet Technology
Had an internship as a character animator in a Chinese gaming company. Focused on rigging and character animation.

Freelance Animator
Had been working with Roko Zaper on his novel game project ‘The Blueness of a wound’. Work on all animation part of this game, mainly in traditional 2D method using TVPaint.

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